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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soggy Day in SOG City

We have had a much needed rain all night last night and all day today. It isn't one of those "Holy crap Noah, hammer faster!" kind of rains. It is just one of those slow and gentle and sensuous kind of rains that makes you want to stay in bed and well, stay in bed...all morning long and then some.

Anyway, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in bed and then decided we had to get up to get something more substantial to eat. The ranchero was devoid of lunch options so we had to get dressed and go out. Yes, Tampa is real particular about people wondering around au naturel or butt nekkid even. Go figure.

We wound up in Ybor and agreed that Greek would be great. The Acropolis is a noteworthy Greek restaurant. It is not as authentic as what we enjoyed in Athens (not Georgia, the other one) or on Santorini (the island, or in the restaurant in Tarpon Springs), but it is a lot closer.

We shared a bottle of what my bride refers to as Janitor In A Drum. Personally, I think that retsina has the classic overtones of Pine-Sol. She decided on the Greek omelet, adventurous gourmand that she is, and I chose the grilled octopus and fried smelts.

I would recommend the Acropolis though I do not consider it to be authentic Greek. This restaurant does cater to the watered down taste buds of the typical American quite well I suppose.

Acropolis Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon 

Acropolils Greek Tavern on Foodio54

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