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Friday, May 7, 2010

Food and Music: SOG City

I was just going to tell you about a fantastic new restaurant south of Gandy (you betcha, SOG City), but after having been to Artifacts Bar and Grill tonight I am enthusiastically inclined to add music, beautiful music, to the menu.

The fair maiden and I had lunch the other day at Artifacts which until a few weeks ago was a car lot, then a lunch wagon, and now an unbelievably fantastic restaurant. This is an eclectic restaurant that fits in perfectly in SOG City. It is filled with antiques and some old military memorabilia.

This is a comfortable place, but what sets this restaurant apart from so many others is the food. It is wonderful, tasty, relatively inexpensive, and is served by people with an attitude. And, that attitude is to make you feel as warm and comfortable as if you were in your own home.

For lunch the other day we had the chicken mummy wrap and the prime rib sandwich. Both were delicious and paired well with the La Fin Du Monde beer. It was superb, but was a 9%-er. It provided a dandy beer buzz.

The dinner menu is guided by quality, availability, and price. Mr. Love, the owner, doesn't short-change on quality, but he does consider price, "If it isn't readily available, then maybe it will be too pricey?" That was my quote not his.

My bilingual spouse (Southern and Northern U.S.) and I had a most tasty dinner of pulled pork for her and the seafood Veracruz for me, and a bottle of Argentine Malbec. I suppose I should mention that Artifacts has some great beers, a limited wine list, and a full bar.

Now let us move on to the music.

Music, you say, in a south of Gandy restaurant? Well, it was more than just music. Maybe it was the Malbec, but the voice of Lisa Casalino was just like the voice of an angel to these SOG City ears. You can click on Lisa Casalino to hear several of her songs and see her show dates.

Oh yeah, Artifacts. The owner, Mr. Love, came by our table several times and really cared about us and our opinion. Even if this wasn't a South Of Gandy dining spot, Artifacts would still be on the top of our list of must do, again and again, places to enjoy great food and great service.

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  1. I completely agree with this. This is one of the best restaurants in Tampa...Very comfortable, cozy and you are always truly made to feel valued as a customer. Try their Sunday Brunch as well..It is extremely reasonable with all of the Mimosas and Bloody Mary's included.

  2. Dear Anon,

    Thanks for posting a comment. Feedback is always appreciated.

    We went to Artifacts just last night. Lisa was entertaining...as always. She has tweaked her "band in a box" and it is great. Additionally, she has added to her repertoire.

    Lisa is spectacular and Artifacts keeps getting better, and you are spot-on...the Sunday brunch is a thing of gastronomic beauty.