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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buccaneers Sunday...in Ft. Myers

To say that my bride is a Tampa Bay Bucs fan is a bit of an understatement. On any given Bucs Sunday she will suit-up with a Bucs hat, earrings, shirt, socks, and I hesitate to mention what else. I, on the other hand, have a Bucs tank top that I am required to wear on game day and that's it...well, that and my happy game day face. Needless to say, the ridiculous NFL rules and the greed of the Glazers that force the blackouts on TV have more than slightly ticked off the love of my life. And, that is not a good thing...for anyone.

Since we couldn't watch the game at home this past Sunday, or anywhere else in the Tampa area for that matter, my Bucs Baby booked a trip for us with that Clearwater company that shuttles fans to the Lee Roy Selmon's sports bar in Ft. Myers. We paid a bit under $25 per person for this 280 mile round trip that departed from Derby Lanes around 10:20 AM on game day. It was a long ride down made even longer by the non-stop commentary from one of the passengers, Little Joe, a frequent rider who knows everything that has ever been known about football, and then some. You may bring adult beverages on board the bus, and Joe did, although he did share with anyone who paid attention to him. If you book this trip, either know everything there is to know about football or sit away from Joe. You will thank me.

Upon arrival at Lee Roy Selmon's each passenger was presented with two coupons...one for a complimentary beer, and the other for a complimentary 5 chicken wings. My day suddenly began looking up. That first beer was truly medicinal after the trip down.

The Selmon's in Ft. Myers is much smaller than the one we visited here in Tampa, and the Tampa menu was much more extensive. I would have to say the Tampa location is a restaurant, while the one in Ft. Myers is just a sports bar...not a bad sports bar, but just a sports bar. The staff and management were friendly and attentive during our entire embarrassing afternoon watching the Bucs getting their clocks cleaned by the Steelers. There were Steelers fans mixed in with the Bucs fans and the crowd exhibited friendly rivalry for the most part.

The food at Selmon's was typical pub food...wings, nachos, burgers, sliders, and such. My sporty spouse had the meatloaf sandwich with a delicious side of French fried sweet potatoes. I should mention that she has never met a meatloaf that she didn't like...including this one. Maybe it was just me, but I was not horribly impressed with the Selmon Brother's marinated wings...too vinegary. If there was a do-over, I think I would have been happier with the Buffalo wings. The sesame seared ahi tuna was more pleasing to my taste buds, and my dining partner raved over the pecan pie...it was warm and served with vanilla ice cream. Our total bill, excluding tip, came to $41.63. That did, of course, include beer.

The return trip was quite subdued...partly because of the Bucs trouncing and partly because Little Joe had passed out. Overall, it was a good day, albeit long (8 hours). It would still be nice with today's economy if the NFL would modify their blackout rules. As one local sportscaster recently opined, fans could get very used to  not seeing the games on Sunday and find other ways to amuse themselves.

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