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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food: Thai One On In SOG City

Last night was another one of those "I am too lazy to cook!" kind of nights. Additionally, we didn't think we were all that hungry since we had a couple of hefty burgers from the Bamboo Chicken for lunch. We decided that lighter fare would be in order so we headed for Rouen Thai on the south side of Gandy (which qualifies it as a SOG City restaurant, so there). We have dined at Rouen Thai on several occasions and have always been pleased with the food and service. Last night was no exception. Actually, service last night might have been even better than before since the lead server ran the floor with drill sergeant-like precision (but a pleasant drill sergeant...if there is such a thing).

We started our evening with a glass of Penrod Shiraz-Cabernet for her and a bottle of Thai water for me. Thai water, for the uninformed, is a Singha Thai beer, an excellent beverage to accompany most any Thai meal.

From there, we enjoyed a bowl of Wonton soup for her and we split a most tasty Som Tom (green papaya salad). Both the soup and salad were delicious and probably should have been enough to fill us up, but we decided to be piglets last night and order more food.

The Egg Fried Rice with extra egg found in Side Dishes was too much for my spouse to resist and she still drools (figuratively) at the memory. The Drunken Noodles reeled me in for a couple of reasons. One is that I love rice noodles and two, because I have prepared this dish at home and I was curious to try someone else's version. Drunken Noodles is not prepared with alcohol. This dish is so called because it is a great dish to consume in Thailand, or anywhere else for that matter, after a night of heavy drinking. This Rouen Thai version had a heavier sauce than I use at home, but it was still wonderful...and, I had not been drinking heavily.

The portions of fried rice and Drunken Noodles were too much for us and we did something we rarely do, and that is to ask for take-home boxes. We waddled out of Rouen Thai with boxes in hand and full bellies.

Dinner with food, wine, and beer came to $56.00 with tip.

Rouen Thai on Urbanspoon Rouen Thai Restaurant on Foodio54

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