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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food: Crazy for Crazy Buffet

We have dined at Crazy Buffet many times over the years and always waddled away stuffed and satisfied. After the Bucs whipped the Panthers this past Sunday, we decided that rather than fighting Dale Mabry traffic on our way back to SOG City that we would pop in to the Crazy Buffet for food and a couple more brewskies.

After a very brief wait the hostess guided us to our table and our server showed up promptly to take our drink order, a Tsingtao for me (I own stock in the company) and a light beer for my dainty dining partner. Then our server said, "Y'all go ahead on and help yourself to the buffet." Well, maybe she really didn't speak with a southern accent, but we got the point.

My bride always goes for the lighter fare, while I go for the most exotic I can find. Crazy's sushi and sashimi selections are a starting point for me and my choices were fresh, plentiful, and tasty. From there I head to the back for more fish and shellfish. On this night they had some of the most flavorful crawfish that I have ever had; just twist off and suck the head, pinch the tail and pull out the meat - heavenly.

I made my usual stop at the Oriental style barbecued pork ribs, and Peking duck stations. From there it was on to the kimchi, then over to the steamed mussels and steamed clams. I was on my way back to the table when I spotted something that I had never seen before at Crazy Buffet - blue crabs. My plate was too full to stop, but on my next foray into the aisles of gluttony I did hit the crabs. How delightful! These crabs were prepared in the Chinese manner of deep frying with a light coating of flour, salt, and pepper. Like a salt and pepper shrimp recipe, you pretty much eat shell and all. It was yummy! I really have no idea what all my bride consumed, because at the Crazy Buffet it's every man or woman for themselves.

As I mentioned before, we have dined at Crazy Buffet many times and have never been disappointed. On the rare occasions when we come across something that doesn't please our taste buds we don't have to eat it. We just go back to the buffet and choose something else. The variety and the quantity of food is just mind boggling.

Over the years I think we have hit just about every buffet between Tampa and New Orleans and back. Crazy Buffet is by far our favorite.

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