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Friday, January 14, 2011

House Speaker Weepypants

The SOG City Oracle hasn't presented any low-life scumbag with the Hershey Squirt Award so far this year. Actually, the Oracle pretty much forgot about the award until this week. This past Wednesday night, though, a clear winner (in truth, a loser) emerged.

And, the Hershey Squirt is: House Speaker Boehner, R-weepypants, for putting a fund raising cocktail party ahead of the tribute to the Arizona fallen and the righteous souls who rushed to their rescue. They thought not of themselves, but of others. The priority for Boehner was booze and backslapping with the RNC, and glaring disrespect for a fellow House member and the citizens that he was elected to serve.

I normally do not condone violence, so I beg of you Dear Readers to forgive my next comment. I would truly be grateful if when this hypocrite next bursts into tears on the House floor if someone would, please, slap the orange right off of this clown.


If I have offended anyone I will have to attribute this dastardly outburst to my misspent youth engaging in copious amounts of sex, drugs, and rock'n' roll. Right now, though, it's beer thirty. Gotta go!


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