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Monday, May 9, 2011

Food: Lunch On Mother's Day

We have dined at the Boizao Steakhouse on probably five or more occasions, but for Mother's Day my bride was treated to a late lunch at the newest Brazilian steahouse on the block, Texas de Brazil. This churrascaria is just down the road from Boizao on Boy Scout Blvd.

Our party had reservations, but we arrived a little bit early. This afforded us the opportunity to start our Brazilian experience with the signature cocktail, the Caipirinha, made with limes and cachaca, a sugar cane derived spirit reminiscent of a North Georgia corn likker I had years ago.

Texas de Brazil has a really nifty salad bar that has a few more options than what may be found at Boizao and is included in the prix fixe price of the meal, or may be enjoyed without the option of meat service. But, you came to an all you can eat steakhouse to dine on salad? Texas de Brazil does serve chicken, pork ribs, lamb, and sausages but for me it is the beef.

Like most Brazilian steakhouses the diner is presented with a disk...green on one side, red on the other. Green indicates that your arteries have not clogged up yet, and red announces an impending heart attack...but, what a way to go! There are several different cuts of beef to choose from: top and bottom sirloin, filet mignon, prime rib, but my undisputed favorite is the picanha, a tri-tip that is simply to die for.

Texas de Brazil has a full bar and a rather extensive wine list. I was impressed by the the gaucho-waiters not badgering the diner to the point of annoyance trying to sell their higher priced wines. On this visit we chose the 120 Cab, a tasty yet moderately priced wine.

Desserts and after dinner beverages are available if you have the room.

To sum up our visit to Texas de Brazil, all I can say is this - if you have ever been to Boizao and loved it, then you will probably feel the same about T de B. The food, the prices, and the overall experience is about the same. As I mentioned earlier, the salad bar has more choices at T de B. On the down side, the dining area has a lot of hard surfaces which amplify the crowd noise to unpleasant levels.

Texas de Brazil has ample free parking in addition to valet parking.

Which of the two Brazilian steakhouses would I recommend? Flip a coin! Heads we go here, and tails we go there. And, if you have read my review of Boizao you will notice that it is almost identical to this one. I hesitated rehashing an old review, but the differences between these two steakhouses is minuscule.

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