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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brewskis In A Pasco County Garden

I really didn't intend for the Oracle to devote so much time and space to food and drink, but over the last week or so we have had occasion to leave the paradise that is SOG City several times. We have ventured to venues in the far north - even way beyond the land of NOK (North of Kennedy) where strange people reside.

We have already mentioned our memorable visit to Bangkok Sushi in Lutz. Well, just across the street is a garden of delights - the International Beer Garten. Now, that is my kind of garten!

Anyway, after dining at the Bangkok our party headed across the street to the IBG for a few after dinner libations. The moment we passed through the portals, we were stopped in our tracks. The decor was bright, shiny, clean, and  - holy moly, to our right was a humongous beer cooler stretching from wall to wall, and filled with bottled brews from around the world.

The selections were daunting! There was no way I could sample all of these beers and ales in one sitting, and I am a professional imbiber.

Our party of four sat at one of the high-tops and perused the menus on the chalk boards. It was about then I spied the board announcing a flight of four. I asked our server to chose two flights of four for us, and to make the choices as far distant from Budweiser as possible. Ian chose well for us. I remember something blueberryish and something with hints of chocolate.

Daughter Mish and I agreed that the Scottish Belhaven was the best, so we ordered a couple of pints of that bubbly brew after we finished sampling the flights. I have no idea what the other two in our party ordered. I probably got distracted by the Rays game on the TVs mounted about the garden. Anyway, that is my story. Got it? Good!

We didn't eat on this trip, but I did get a menu. The IBG has a lot of the typical pub grub, but there were several real standouts on the menu. The Bratwurst marinated in beer and served on a pretzel roll with sauerkraut, the Brat Pizza, and the Bailey's Chocolate Cheesecake were a few of the temptations of the menu that screamed my name - that, and hundreds of beers and ales that still need my seal of approval.

Next time!

Editor's Update: I just discovered that IBG has a tequila bar. I can see another trip to Pasco County in my future. Thankfully, the kids have a spare bedroom for us.

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  1. I can't agree more ! The selection on tap, let alone bottles that they offered were incredible ! It was such a treat to have the bartender offer to make selections for me after I gave him a list of what I like, and explained I wanted to try something new! Best selection out this way I have seen by far, for the great atmosphere and size of the joint! Awesome entertainment for me on a Saturday night, there was cover band that was teriffic.

  2. Dear Wolf,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I know the charming people at the Garten appreciate the kind words.