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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Da Blues And Mo': Conrad Oberg

A few days ago the Oracle featured a couple of YouTube videos of teenage blues sensation Conrad Oberg. Those videos were good, but let me say, emphatically, that they were nowhere near as good as seeing and hearing Mr. Oberg in person.

This past Sunday we ventured north of the paradise that is SOG City to enjoy Conrad's performance at the Skipperdome. He and his band just blew us away. Blues, slide guitar licks, some oldies, key boards, trumpet - this four person band just burned the dome down with their talent.

Conrad and the band played three long sets. We stayed through two of those sets, but the food from inside Skipper's began calling our names.
Along with some of the coldest beer we have had in a long while, the Belle of Ballast Point ordered the black beans and yellow rice with sour cream and onions. I had a bite and it was yummy. For myself, I had a dozen raw oysters on the half shell, and a special of the day, Scallop Ceviche.

To my great surprise and pleasure, those oysters were as good as the ones I had last week in the Florida Panhandle at Ouzts Too - perfectly shucked, salty and delicious. The ceviche was one of the best I have ever had, and I have had some dandy ceviches all the way from Ballast Point to Mexico and back.

We don't go to Skipper's just for the food, but we figure as long as we are there we'd be silly to pass up their grub. They have some great swamp food - catfish, gator, crawfish - in addition to some tasty treats from the sea. 

And, Conrad Oberg - that was some fantastic blues.

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