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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Red Tails And Shrimp

Two items on my short term bucket list got crossed off this past Saturday. Ever since the trailers for Red Tails began showing on the tube I have been gung-ho to go, and my taste buds have been demanding to be taken to Shrimp & Co. in Ybor City.

My bride and I did both this past weekend and enjoyed the movie and Shrimp & Co. immensely. Truthfully, I think she indulged me on the movie since she has subjected me to copious amounts of post-season football, but we both were very pleased with the food and service at the restaurant.

Since we were having a late lunch or maybe an early dinner we had the place pretty much to ourselves. We were invited to sit where we pleased, so we chose a window booth looking out at 7th Avenue.

Our server quickly appeared with menus and took our drink orders - suggesting a few beers that might titillate our taste buds. We chose a Shock Top for her and an Ybor Gold for me. Both were excellent choices to accompany our food.

We were impressed with the decor - reminiscent of some places we have visited in New Orleans. The Mardi Gras music station playing in the background provided a perfect ambiance to our visit.

The Belle of Ballast Point ordered the Fried Chicken Strips Basket with a very tasty side of coleslaw.

I chose the grilled Florida Rock Lobster, while a bit pricey, it was perfectly grilled and delicious. For my sides, I chose the Maduros, a sauteed plantain dish, and the Aranitas, again plantains, but shredded and deep fried. Those were two delightful choices, both reminded me of foods we have enjoyed while on vacation in the Caribbean.

For dessert we shared an order of Gasparilla Delight - warm chocolate empanadas served with vanilla ice cream and adorned with hazelnuts and caramel.

So good!

I am anxious to return to try the Louisiana and Florida Steam Pots, the Shrimp Stuffed Mofongo, and the Ceviche. Shrimp & Co. has so many exciting menu items and I have but one stomach.

The Oracle highly recommends Shrimp & Co.

Food and several beers (never you mind how many) came to $78 and that includes a 20% tip that we tacked on.

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  1. The Steam Pot is calling my name. I love maduros after trying them at the Black Palm. Seriously another lovely review tempting me to cross the bay. Hope you are having a fine weekend. Regards, Tina