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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Oracle's Douche Of The Day

I am disgusted beyond belief at the number of douche bags that inhabit the once great state of Florida, and that includes Chief Executive Orifice Scott and the Republican dominated Florida Legislature. Of course, we also have George Zimmerman, the vigilante who shot and killed a 17 year old kid and is still freely wondering around with a nine mil pistol and a Concealed Weapons Permit.

Now in today's Tampa Bay Times Letters to the Editor we have this:

"So many folks believe this great nation can do no harm, and they validate this belief by ignoring the crimes against humanity that the U.S. commits. When the newspaper reports that the U.S. soldier who slaughtered the Afghan women/children is a family man, a soldier, etc., thereby indirectly negating his evil actions, the paper only leads citizens further from the truth.

Please understand that this man is not a soldier in the Army when he goes rogue and kills innocent people. He should be turned over to the Afghan people, and their law."
 ~ Patrick Lawhead, Tampa

This "rogue" Lawhead refers to is an American soldier with four tours of duty in two separate war zones. This "rogue" has been blown up twice and has suffered a severe head injury and lost part of a foot. This "rogue" has seen friends and fellow soldiers maimed or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This "rogue" has seen and endured traumatic events that would make a douche bag like Lawhead shit his pants.

As a reward for his service and sacrifice, Lawhead wants to turn Staff Sgt. Robert Bales over to the Afghans. That act would almost guarantee an immediate and gruesome death sentence. Whether Bales is a seriously sick man or a heartless murderer remains to be seen, but either way, Lawhead is not fit to lick the soles of Bales's combat boots.

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