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Thursday, April 19, 2012

DCCC Fundraising Report

"87% of the contributions were $50 or less and our average grassroots donation was $31. We were also proud to welcome over 90,000 new grassroots donors to our campaign for a Democratic Majority. To cap it off, March 31st was our best online fundraising day ever.

Your support is being put to work right now to hold Republicans accountable for their radical legislation against women, seniors, the middle class and Medicare. Together, we will replace reckless House Republicans with Democrats fighting to move America forward."

Now, for a change of pace:

THE HEAD HOG - Heard the story about a man that called a local church office and asked to speak to the head hog at the farm. She said now wait a minute sir - if you want to speak to the Pastor, you must call him Pastor - he said, Oh, I was just calling to donate $5000 to the church...she said, hold on sir..Porky just walked in the door!

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