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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Brew And A Burger In South Tampa

Editor's update 1/10/2012: Obviously we have not been back to Brewburgers since the original review as it came as a surprise to us that the name has already changed. We shouldn't have been too surprised though, as nothing else in that building has lasted very long. After reading so many negative Urbanspoon reviews I'm having doubts about this new incarnation, Reilley's Westshore Taphouse.

A brew and a burger - what could be finer - especially if you are starving and there is no food in the house? Such was our predicament the other day, as we had just returned from a trip to the Caribbean and had yet to visit Publix to replenish the pantry.

There was an article in the Times that morning about a new burger joint that recently opened in south Tampa - Brewburgers on the corner of South Westshore and Euclid Avenue. We were a bit surprised since that address had not too long ago been an Irish pub, and not too long before that something else preceded by even something else.

We decided to give them a try before the place changed again.

Brewburgers has a really nice outdoor seating area and we will probably give that a try later in the year when the heat and humidity subsides just a tad - a really big tad. The indoor seating area is very pleasant and we were invited to sit where we pleased. Eva, our charming server, presented us with menus and inquired as to our drink preferences.

Well, if you are going to partake of the bill of fare at a place called Brewburgers it just makes sense to order a brew. So we did! A Miller Light for my bride and Franziskaner for moi. The Franziskaner is a fruity and aromatic weissbier from Munich. Brewburgers has several imported and domestic beer choices by the bottle or draft. Wines, by the glass or the bottle, are also on the menu, but burgers and beer just seem made for each other.

Once presented with our adult beverages we made our food choices. There are a number of Starters, Salads, and interesting Wing choices available, but we were there for the burgers. The Belle of Ballast Point chose a Build Your Own with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheddar cheese cooked "hockey puck" done. I still poof and eye-roll at the thought of chewing on a hockey puck, but to each her own. She also had a side of potato salad.

I requested "The World Renowned BREWBURGER" a six ounce Guinness burger with portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, and pepper jack cheese. We shared an order of onion rings and tater tots.

We were delighted to discover that both of our burgers came out exactly as ordered. She got her hockey puck and I got a tasty and juicy patty of meat. The tots were good, but the onion rings were a bit under cooked on the inside. The batter could have used a little more time in the fryer.

We enjoyed a very nice hour and a half lunch. This was not a problem since we had nothing else of importance on our agenda that day. I could see a problem if one was on a one hour work day lunch break though.

Our bill for food and two brews each came to $45 and included a 20% gratuity.

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  1. I think the place was awful slow service drunk men and the food was over priced!

  2. Dear Anon,

    I can't argue with you about the slow service. We didn't experience any drunk anybodies during our visit. Was it staff or customers?

    Since this location is so new I am willing to cut them some slack. Maybe they are still working out the kinks. If not, then we will probably see a new venue in that location.

    Thanks for reading the Oracle and taking the time to comment.

  3. Well said from the beginning, Jon. I agree with your sentiments and also enjoy the newest "perfect fit" to the neighborhood. We all know it's been a long time coming! Bravo, Brewburgers! Yes, you have some execution issues to deal with on the service piece, but I believe that you will overcome them quickly. Keep up the good work! And don't let a few impatient fools ruffle your feathers. Just smile and do the best you can and keep it honest! Slow service and a few mistakes are easily overcome with OUSTANDING ATTITUDE!

    1. And a "well said" right back at you enterdine. There are just too many so called foodies who dine once and have to slam the establishment if EVERYTHING is not perfect - according to their standards.

      Thanks for your comment.