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Monday, June 4, 2012

Ring Around The Sun

Coming out of Publix a few minutes ago I saw several people shading their eyes and looking towards the heavens. This piqued my interest so I too shaded my eyes and looked up. My, my, thought I, a ring around the sun. How unusual.

I couldn't move any farther away so as to get the entire image since I was already standing on the ground, so this is the best I could do with my little Canon Power Shot.

In case you are curious, the sun does not have any rings. The rings around the sun that some have observed are called halos. These halos are caused by cirrostratus clouds. The white halo is the one most observed but there are also red, blue and rainbow color.

The rings around the sun were used before to predict the weather. When a ring or halo is seen around the sun and even the moon, it may indicate that rain or snow will be coming soon. It may not be very accurate because other factors also affect the weather but what the heck, the TV weather folks haven't been that accurate lately either.

And, a little snow storm right now in Tampa might feel pretty good.

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