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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Bite At The Bait House

You want to eat where...the bait house...where they sell bait and tackle and stuff? No dear, says I, the Bait House at the end of Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach Marina. And, yes they do sell bait and tackle, but they also have people food and cold beer.

With a look of doubt on her face, my bride and I set off on this new culinary adventure. One of the first dining venues we came to was for the birds - really.

Since we weren't in the mood for sushi we just walked on, but not before I got a most useful tidbit of information for the future. I asked one of the charter boat captains what they were going to do with the fish heads, and he said what the bird doesn't eat goes into a garbage can.

I asked if he sells them and he said no - help yourself if you want them. Not on this visit, but those heads would make excellent fish stock or soup. I'll be back!

At the end of the pier we came to The Bait House Tackle and Tavern.

Yepper! That's a bait house alright, she says as we walk through the front door past fishing poles and other fish catching accoutremonts.

Towards the back we saw signs pointing us in the proper direction.

We wandered out to the deck area and grabbed ourselves a table over looking the water.

Our server this evening was Lori who presented us with menus and took our drink orders.

The Bait House menu includes homemade soups, fish spread, fish tacos, quesadillas and burgers, 50 bottled beers and a selection of wine.

We ordered a domestic and an imported to start. That was several days ago with several alcohol fueled parties between then and now so I really haven't a clue as to the beers. They were good and cold, though.

For an appetizer, I chose the steamed Cedar Key clams in a delightful curry broth with chunks of ciabatta bread on the side.

The clams were perfectly steamed and the bread to soak up that delicious broth was shared around the table.

We also tried the chicken salad for my bride which, while not particularly spectacular, was tasty and well prepared.

For me, I requested the Captain's Catch Fish Sandwich on toasted ciabatta bread. The fish choices of the day were wahoo, grouper, or tripletail. I chose the wahoo, blackened. The wahoo was a little too dry for me, but the sandwich was filling.

The Bait House isn't high end dining, but rather a taste of Florida from days gone by. Our bill for food, adult beverages, and a gratuity came to just under $70.

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Walking back to the hotel from the Bait House we experienced a Little Toot, and who doesn't enjoy a little toot now and again?

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