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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Shor At The Clearwater Shore

My bride and I were privileged to attend a corporate convergence on Clearwater Beach this past weekend courtesy of Telovations, one of the top ten growth companies in the Tampa Bay area.

Telovations provides hosted PBX phone service over a private network to hundreds of businesses throughout the United States, and the company increased revenues 265 percent over the past two years, earning it the No. 10 ranking on the Tampa Bay Business Journal Fast 50 List.

Employees and their families from four states met up at the Hyatt to enjoy a long weekend of food, fun, meeting coworkers face to face, and saying "howdy" to Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

While at the Hyatt we dined well at the Shor American Seafood Grill. We availed ourselves of several items from their breakfast menu in addition to small plates and seafood delights from their evening seafood grill.

Saturday morning the Belle of Ballast Point had the Sticky Bunn French Toast with blueberries, pecans, and a shot glass in the center of the plate that contained either maple syrup or bourbon. I was never sure and she never said.

My breakfast treat was the 'famous' Crab Benedict - a poached egg served atop a homemade crab cake nestled on a bed of spinach.

The breakfast coffee served at the Shor was one of the best I have tasted in awhile.

The absolute pinnacle of my dining experience at the Shor began as I passed by the seafood grill and spied a huge display of...wait for it...it's coming...OYSTERS! I struck up a conversation with the Shucker-in-Chief who told me that there were three varieties available that evening - Blue Points, one I don't remember, and one I had never heard of, Raspberry Point oysters.

I was told that the the Raspberry Point is much prized and sought after for its wonderful salty taste, clean flavor with a distinct and interesting sweet aftertaste

Each Raspberry Point takes 6 to 7 years to grow to shucking size and is of the finest quality because it is grown in the cool clean waters of Prince Edward Island, just off Raspberry Point.

Oh my gawd, those were the best oysters I have ever had in my whole life, and I have eaten more than my fair share over my life span so far. Salty, sweet, delicious, and perfectly shucked. The man with the oyster knife knew what he was doing and obviously respected the prize he was shucking.

I had a dozen of those tasty hummers, and damn the cost! $3.50 a pop, if you must know, but so worth it.

You don't have to stay at the Hyatt to dine at the Shor. And, if you are a visitor, they will validate your parking ticket. I will also have to warn you that the Shor isn't cheap, but it is a treat - and, you are treated very well.

Shor Restaurant at The Hyatt on Urbanspoon 

This was an amazing weekend enjoyed with great people at a luxury hotel on the beach, and food to spazz over. No TSA, no crowded plane, no customs and immigration, and just a short drive from Tampa. Life is grand!

Proper sock-wear is de rigueur, though.

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