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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Beachy Bar In Midtown

After an arduous Sunday morning this past weekend with breakfast in bed courtesy of room service, and a leisurely read of the AJC, my bride and I decided to venture out of the hotel for a late morning repast. I stumbled upon the Steamhouse Lounge while surfing the Intertube from back home in Tampa. Steamhouse had me with oysters!

We wandered up one of the Peachtrees to 1051 West Peachtree St NE, and there we found the Steamhouse. This is a charming restaurant and bar with a decidedly beachy decor, and really friendly people. We were invited to make ourselves at home and sit here, there or even up there. We sat there at the bar. 

I started with a dozen of their Gulf oysters on the half shell. Growing up just a stone's throw from Apalachicola in the Florida Panhandle, I developed a taste for these mollusks at an early age and I can be a little nit picky.

Unlike what we are generally served back home in Tampa, those oysters were properly shucked and served. They were also briny and flavorful. Yes, that is a glass of iced tea sitting there next to my oysters.

That was my one and only unpleasant experience in Atlanta. It seems that adult beverages cannot be sold on Sunday until 12:30 in the afternoon. Holy crap, that certainly mucked up my craving for a healthy and well balanced brunch.

Our server gave me a pep talk, "Hang in there Honey, it's getting close to time."

My bride is not a fan of oysters on the half shell ever since she found out that they are still alive when shucked and served, so instead she chose the Triple Grilled Cheese sandwich with Monterrey jack, Swiss, cheddar, bacon, tomato, and a side of crispy tater tots. That sandwich was just dripping with cheese and flavor.

Our dining experience at the Steamhouse Lounge came with a Happy Ending. Along with my Happy Ending I enjoyed a bowl of really delicious steamed mussels with a heavenly broth and bread for sopping.

The Steamhouse Lounge is not fancy, but it is a real down to Earth find in Midtown Atlanta.

Several medicinal beers and the food came to $51.37. We tacked on an additional 20% for good service.

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